Reflections on Edcamp Detroit 2012

What a great year! We had a lot of difficult discussions, shared a lot of resources and experiences, and I personally feel a lot more empowered, connected, and validated than I did before Edcamp.

I know I’ve gained new connections and friends that I’ll continue to learn from over the next year. It doesn’t have to end at the event though. One our most passionate participants, Brad Wilson, has put together a VoiceThread Media Mashup where we can continue the conversation and more deeply reflect on what we’ve learned and where we plan to go from here.

It already includes some great videos, pictures, and audio – the kind that make your skin tingle as you remember the passion, innovation, and sometimes even tears that these educators poured from themselves, in order to make Edcamp Detroit 2012 unforgettable. I definitely encourage you to participate and lend your own thoughts!



1 thought on “Reflections on Edcamp Detroit 2012”

  1. I do not accommodate, gratify, cater or provide for you, ever.
    Lead both your characters and the reader down the garden path and then surprise them by inserting an obstacle.
    Going back to a liar only reinforces his sense of power and control.

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