Edcamp Detroit 2015


edcamp Detroit

I’m excited to announce that Edcamp Detroit is back at Wayne State for another year. The College of Education will be host the best PD you can find in Metro Detroit. The event will take place on Saturday May 9, 2015. You can register by following this link. We look forward to connecting with the great educators in Michigan and sharing amazing ideas to help all students.

An Edcamp Rap

Guess what’s stuck in my head? An amazing rap about edcamp, courtesy of Flocabulary. Check it out here and share it with educators who respond better to mad rhymes and smooth beats! We like to accommodate all learning styles in our recruiting. :-)

Reflections on Edcamp Detroit 2012

What a great year! We had a lot of difficult discussions, shared a lot of resources and experiences, and I personally feel a lot more empowered, connected, and validated than I did before Edcamp.

I know I’ve gained new connections and friends that I’ll continue to learn from over the next year. It doesn’t have to end at the event though. One our most passionate participants, Brad Wilson, has put together a VoiceThread Media Mashup where we can continue the conversation and more deeply reflect on what we’ve learned and where we plan to go from here.

It already includes some great videos, pictures, and audio – the kind that make your skin tingle as you remember the passion, innovation, and sometimes even tears that these educators poured from themselves, in order to make Edcamp Detroit 2012 unforgettable. I definitely encourage you to participate and lend your own thoughts!


Thank You Edudemic

Edudemic is a proud sponsor of EdCamp Detroit, and they’re giving each of our attendees free copies of their new iMagazines.  They currently have four editions with a special featured edition on iPads in Education.  Be sure to get your free access code at the registration/sign-in table when you arrive.  These iMagazines are beautifully put together with such rich content.  The team at Edudemic is innovative, creative, and generous.  We thank you so much for sharing your work and ideas with our practice as educators.

– Erin Klein

Thank You MasteryConnect

EdCamp would like to thank MasteryConnect for sponsoring our event.  I’ve been using the MasteryConnect App for a few months now, and I just found out they also have a website!  This is so cool because now I can sign up (for free – or upgrade) and start immediately connecting with teachers around the country to find ‘just-right’ activities and assessments that are already aligned to the common core. You can also upgrade your account and have premium access to truly amazing features.  Thank you again, MasteryConnect for supporting teachers and helping to enhance our time with our students.

– Erin Klein

Thank You Storybird

A sincere thank you to Mark and his team at Storybird for supporting EdCamp in its second year. Storybird is a free platform for users to create beautiful digital stories to publish and share with the world. Of course, you have the option to keep your stories private too. I’ve used Storybird for three years. I think I love it just as much as my students enjoy using it. There are no ads on the site, its super user-friendly, and Storybird is very engaging. Thank you Storybird for developing great products for teachers and students.

– Erin Klein

Thank You ESGI

EdCamp Detroit would like to recognize ESGI, Education Software for Guided Instruction, for sponsoring our May 5, 2012 event.

As a second grade teacher myself, I’m often assessing my students to guide my instruction.  I’ve used Rigby, M.L.P.P, DRA, Accellerated Reader, NWEA, LLI, AIMSweb, QRI, Fountas and Pinnell, and more.  I found myself creating massive spreadsheets either by hand or on the computer to track growth from beginning, middle, and end of the year – even every two weeks for those I had to progress monitor.  I can’t believe I wasn’t using ESGI sooner.

You’ll love what ESGI has to offer.  We look forward to sharing this great resource with you at EdCamp.

– Erin Klein


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